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Freedom is Worth Your Courage

Freedom is Worth Your Courage. This week, I am watching (and experiencing) so many soul-powered people deep in their proverbial shit. Old old old emotional patterns are up in a huge way, and it can feel like 100 steps backward. Hear me–it is not. It is an opportunity to be HONEST and BRAVE. Because you’re […]


Being Human

Real Talk: We’re so effing hard on ourselves and each other. Being human is hard. There’s just no way around it. All of us—truly every single one of us are challenged in different ways to find the balance of being a stable, healthy, loving, blissful being on the Earth. An embodied spirit. If we knew […]


Life is Humbling

LIFE IS HUMBLING i’m human and doing my best to own up to the times when i struggled to do this Life thing gracefully when i struggled to embody Love fully sometimes when we’re fumbling through the d a r k n e s s we knock into each other sometimes we hurt each other […]


True Freedom

We come into this world a shining Light. Unscuffed and unscathed by the realities of Earthly existence. And while our core, our wholeness, and that freshness of new Life is always available to us, the Truth is that living just… changes us. The radiant naiveté of our youth wears away with every disappointment, loss, and […]


A Dove in the Dark

This is a poem that has carried me through a lot of uncertain and scary places. I come home to it again and again. It’s about loving with our whole hearts, as much as we possibly can love, even when we have no promises of what’s to come. And then it’s about letting go when […]

“Paradox” (Jed McKenna)

PARADOX by Jed McKenna “You will never achieve spiritual enlightenment The you that you think of as you is not you, The you that thinks of you as you is not you. There is no you, so who wishes to become enlightened? Who is not enlightened? Who will become enlightened? Who will BE enlightened? Enlightenment […]


Being Broken (Poem)

BEING BROKEN ~ everything is wrong today everything is broken but my relief arrived in the newfound knowing that my hands will never catch the pieces in this moment i cannot change it right now there is no fix there is only the choice to be with it or exit and my presence would surely […]

Where I’m Going (Poem)

WHERE I’M GOING ~ i am where i am going and let me tell you it’s a beautiful road tree-lined and sunshined and not without it’s rough patches but i decide it adds character while stepping over and around dragging my knees in the mud somehow adds to its beauty and to mine for nothing […]

The Ego: Spotlight vs. Shadow

The ego has a spotlight and a shadow. ~ Having a dominant ego isn’t just about being arrogant or thinking we’re the the best thing in the Universe. It also can look like thinking we’re the worst thing. Both are a form of self-obsession or self-fixation— inflating our individual identity far beyond the Truth. Both […]

“To Practice Mindfulness is to Return to Life.”

Mindfulness makes for better activism. One fueled from the heart rather than rage or despair. If you’ve felt overwhelmed by the state of America happening right now, I encourage you to read this short piece by Zen master Tich Nhat Hanh “To Practice Mindfulness is to Return to Life.” it really helped me revive a sense […]