Freedom is Worth Your Courage

Freedom is Worth Your Courage.

This week, I am watching (and experiencing) so many soul-powered people deep in their proverbial shit. Old old old emotional patterns are up in a huge way, and it can feel like 100 steps backward. Hear me–it is not. It is an opportunity to be HONEST and BRAVE. Because you’re stronger now.

In Tantra (an ancient lineage of yogic wisdom), as well as Buddhism—it is believed, at the core, that all suffering comes from not knowing the Truth. When we don’t know the Truth, we can’t take action in alignment with who we are, what our hearts want, and where we’re going. When we don’t know the Truth that we’re all deeply and inherently connected, we treat each other in dehumanizing ways. We continue to hurt ourselves by hurting others. And when we don’t know the Truth of our past, hiding inside our subconscious bodies and minds, we will never be free of the influence of those painful memories. We stay stuck. We stay small. We stay asleep.

Dear Humans, that Freedom is WORTH your courage. To LOOK. To ALLOW what is ready to rise into your knowing to rise. To FEEL everything you didn’t feel strong enough to feel before. Because you are strong enough now. You’re ready. To feel the heartbreak, the anger, the fear. Give yourself the gift of that liberation. Give yourself a chance to prove to your inner-child that you are a strong, loving, nurturing, and brave guardian. That you are everything you ever needed then. It is possible to get to the other side of this pattern and this pain. You’re already moving through it. Pause and feel that. You are ALREADY healing and releasing this. Accept the challenge to kick it once and for all. It may be hard to believe, but it actually is possible to heal it all in this Lifetime, when you’re committed to embodying all that your Soul is, wants, and loves.

I see you. You got this. Carry on, Brave Humans.

In Soul, Danielle


Being Human

Real Talk: We’re so effing hard on ourselves and each other.

Being human is hard. There’s just no way around it. All of us—truly every single one of us are challenged in different ways to find the balance of being a stable, healthy, loving, blissful being on the Earth. An embodied spirit. If we knew what we were doing… well, we wouldn’t still be here learning how!

So can we extend a little more compassion to ourselves and humanity? More acceptance? Can we be open and receptive to learning from others the ways in which they’ve mastered being Human, and be generous in sharing our own ways? Can we be gracious for that which we don’t know—gracious for the not knowingness and the invitation to learn?

I witness (and experience) so much suffering under the confusion of thinking perfecting our human life is possible. When we think we should have it all figured out and deny ourselves the freedom to “fuck up” (a loaded phase in itself) we hurt ourselves and miss out on the incredible and humbling beauty of being alive.

Accept the mess. Get your hands dirty. Bring Love where we need more of it. Be quiet enough to listen. Give yourself Love. Give yourself space. Give yourself to Life—every messy drop of it.

I see you—sweet human out there learning how to Be. I accept you as you are, and I accept me.

Love on the Path 🖤 D


Life is Humbling


i’m human and doing
my best to own
up to the times
when i struggled
to do this Life
thing gracefully
when i struggled
to embody Love fully
sometimes when we’re
fumbling through the
d a r k n e s s
we knock into each other
sometimes we hurt
each other too
sometimes good intentions
aren’t enough
but we can emerge
into the
recommitted to learning
our lessons
integrating the wisdom
and returning
to repair and heal
i’m grateful for all
the humans making
their way through the
woods with me
i’m grateful for healing
i’m grateful for grace
as the old prayer goes
i’m sorry
please forgive me
thank you
i love you

Light to All 🖤 D


True Freedom

We come into this world a shining Light.

Unscuffed and unscathed by the realities of Earthly existence. And while our core, our wholeness, and that freshness of new Life is always available to us, the Truth is that living just… changes us. The radiant naiveté of our youth wears away with every disappointment, loss, and season of strife. Strains with every growth spurt. With our crows feet and snags and stains we might reminisce on a time when we were sparkling and new—as if this past offering of ourselves was more worthy of reception. But this is just not so.

With every heartbreak we earn a little more wisdom. We earn our vintage. And in this breaking down, we surrender to Life’s alchemy, transforming our hopes and expectations into total acceptance and presence. Freedom doesn’t lay in our perfection or potential, but in our willingness to step into the Light of the the world and declare “I AM HERE. Love me as I am, and I will each of you.”

I honor the ways I have been broken open by Life, because I honor my human experience and the richness it provides. I see your cracks and your scars and they’re beautiful to me. Truly. Thank you for being, and for being you. Right now. And for every scrape and step that got you here.

Sending Light to all beings 🌻 Danielle


A Dove in the Dark

This is a poem that has carried me through a lot of uncertain and scary places.

I come home to it again and again. It’s about loving with our whole hearts, as much as we possibly can love, even when we have no promises of what’s to come. And then it’s about letting go when our souls know it’s time to let go.

Life is my greatest teacher and she always will be. Life is God to me. And part of loving her wholly is trusting in her mystery. The parts of her that I cannot see, and that I may never consciously know while I’m here. And then choosing to give all of myself over to her anyway. The Dove in the Dark is the moment when you’re standing in the moonlight, looking out into the abyss with your precious faith clutched to your chest. It’s feeling that preciousness and wanting to keep it close, but choosing to extend your hards outward and releasing your grasp. Releasing faith to take wing out into the Great Unknown. Into the night. Trusting that what is meant for us will always return, and what is not will be received by Life to be cared for and safe, even beyond our sights.

So I find myself here again. Shadows in my heart. Empty hands. Feet on the Earth to remind me I’m still here and the Great Eastern Sun will rise again.

Sending Light for the Night to all beings ♥ Danielle

The Ego: Spotlight vs. Shadow

The ego has a spotlight and a shadow.

Having a dominant ego isn’t just about being arrogant

or thinking we’re the the best thing in the Universe.

It also can look like thinking we’re the worst thing.

Both are a form of self-obsession or self-fixation—

inflating our individual identity far beyond the Truth.

Both cause us suffering.


A balanced ego knows it’s place in The Family of Things

that our individual expression is a part of a greater whole.

We cannot be “the best” or “the worst” because we’re part of everything.

The whole Divine gamut.

Self-hatred, self-neglect, or self-minimizing serves no one.

To deny ourselves is to deny the Highest Good of all.

To honor ourselves and our needs is to honor the Truth

that we are exactly how we are meant to be and that

our beauty and our gifts+talents are not ours to take credit for.

But they are ours to take ownership of and responsibility for.

We are important—just like everyone else.

We are healing and growing—just like everyone else.

Our needs are not too much—just like everyone else.

And especially—we are worthy of love.

Just like every incredible blessed being.


Let yourself be you.

With humbled pride.

The rest will fall into place.

Sending Light to all beings 🌻 Danielle

Why Walk a Spiritual Path?

Why do we pursue a spiritual path? And why do we follow it once we’ve got our feet wet?

I’ve been drawn to spiritual study and practice for about 6-7 years now, and my motivation for doing so has been all over the board. There’s been a genuine curiosity for Life and desire for deeper connection (with Spirit, with others, and within myself) underlying it all.

But the human mind loves to attach itself to… well, everything. So it’s only natural that even if something is entered with genuine motivation, we can get hooked into story-telling and, ultimately, reinforcing the ways we feel bad about ourselves. Red flag that your ego’s at play? If we feel like our practice will make us “better” than we are now…implying that our expression in the present is somehow lesser than, or needing fixing.

It’s important to be careful about using phrases like “reaching our Highest Potential” when we’re motivating ourselves to practice, learn, or grow. I’ve fallen into that mental trap so many times, and I still have to catch myself. The key to not finding fault for fixing is Self-Love.

We’re already perfect. We’ve done the absolute best with the energy, wisdom, and resources we’ve had. And perhaps, through practice, those qualities will change, and we’ll have the opportunity to experience ourselves and our Life with more peace of mind, less resistance, and and a heart more open to all beings and Life itself. Not because it’s “better,” but because it’s the natural unfolding that happens when we devote ourselves to awakening. (Doesn’t hurt that deep love and ecstatic bliss tend to be natural side-effects of the path, but that’s neither here nor there.)

So—why do we practice? My wonderful teacher Hareesh Wallis has offered the following, and it’s changing the way I approach every day.

“I walk this path out of Love for myself so that I may know the Truth for the benefit of all beings.”

In this way, we offer ourselves patience and grace for where we are while honoring our genuine desire to suffer less than we have been able to previously. And it indulges our natural curiosity to understand our experience. What is True. With the desire to support, Love, and heal all beings.

The following video is an offering from Hareesh going deeper into this concept. It’s been rippling through my consciousness for the past few weeks, so I’d love to share it with all of you.

Sending Light to all beings 🌻 Danielle


Wild One

Lately I’ve been feeling a massive wave of rejecting domesticity. When did we accept the notion that we’re supposed to be tame? Polite? Palatable? When did we reject the biological Truth that a powerful part of ourselves is in fact a beautiful, primal creature? These bodies have a wildness and their own kind of intelligence that we have dismissed for far too long.⠀

Our wildness speaks to us through desire. We feel the magnetic pull on our heart, and burst of Lightning through our spine, and the ripples of waves in our tender bellies. We feel the bristle on the back of our neck when something isn’t quite right. We also feel radically free and relieved when we let our bare feet sink into the Earth, or when we howl and moan and scream into the wind. It is natural to sweat and drool and cry. It is NATURAL to enjoy the ravenous tangled limbs of sex. This is our wildness. Fuck domesticity, I’m taking mine back.

May we all reclaim our right to BE—free and wild—as we navigate this Life.
Your humanness is beautiful to me.


my soul is a wild one
she dances on the whisps
of the wind
and through the strands
of unwraveling time
like this
i am at my best
free to be the creature
i was born of and to
at one with the Mystery
to which i will
inevitably return

Sending Light 🌻 Danielle

Two Wildly Different New Years

The contrast in how I rang in the New Year for 2018 compared to the last is stark if not startling.

On the last night of 2016 I dolled myself up, chugged a large coffee at 10pm, and plunged into an evening of dancing at a stranger’s house party with old friends and a lot of whisky. I was visiting LA after spending the entirety of the year studying meditation and living off the grid in the Redwoods, and felt myself tumble right back into that old way of being…but it didn’t feel good that time. The night ended with me in a compromising situation I’d rather not relive, and I started my first day of 2017 walking off my hangover alone on the streets of Los Feliz while my gaggle of distant companions slept until noon. I sat myself down on the stoop and told myself I wasn’t coming back. I loved that way of Life once, but I had changed.

So much has changed in me, and it continues every day. I believe that’s to be expected when we put down the fight and allow Life to move through us. She’s swift. Especially when we were a bit foot-dragged through the last few chapters. (Lord knows I know that move.)

This year was quiet. No parties. No people. No red wine or hullabaloo. I spent my night penning a goodbye letter to 2017 and the the person I had been during the year, and every year before. I lit a lot of candles. I meditated. I held ceremony for myself to release my attachments and my identity and stepped into 2018 with a clean slate. There’s something new and powerful and different ready to come through this sweet human this year, so I felt like the past deserved to be honored for all she’s done to carry and support me thus far. I thanked her, and I let her go.

The whole evening felt bittersweet. I sat with shades of loneliness and confusion and stuckness. I sat with gratitude and peace. I sat with grief, knowing that a large part of the “me” I’ve grown so accustomed to (loved, even) will not survive through next December 31st. I can’t fully explain it, but there’s something deep and True in me that knows this year requires a massive letting go. The kind required when we say “yes” to Life as clearly as I have.

And you know what? I woke up this morning and I felt peace. Vibrance. Hope. I felt soft and open and suddenly spending New Years Eve quietly in ceremony alone wasn’t something I was just in acceptance of—I was incredibly grateful for it. Sparks of synchronicity and growth and Love have been dancing with me all day. If this is how 2018 is panning out, I welcome it. I welcome it because it’s coming whether I agree or not, but also because I actually find immense joy in this messy, beautiful unfolding.

Hit me with your best, Life. My arms and my heart are open to you.

Sending Light to all beings, this year and beyond.

In Soul, Danielle


A Prayer for Releasing 2017

We’re nearing our final hours of 2017 and it’s feeling magical AF (Full Moon, I see you!) There is so much I could and would love to say about my personal year, but there’s something more important I’d like to share.

I’ve noticed (in myself and many others) how there’s this massive wave of intention and desire for what we want to step into in the New Year, and we might make some headway into it, but ultimately we get hooked into the same patterns and dependancies that kept us from embodying those desires in the previous years. Why?

It’s because we’ve skipped a really important step. GENUINELY releasing the prior year, and the “self” that we were every movement and every day leading up to the New Year. Cheeky humans, thinking we can avoid the letting go part and just receive our wildest dreams! 😉 We’ve got some energetic clean-up to do before we have space for this new way of being to step in.

This means we have to take the time to say goodbye. Reflect on everything this year brought us, thank it for its blessings and its challenges and its lessons. And then cut the cords and let it go so we can step into a new year free from attachments, ties, and dependancies.

I wrote this prayer as an offering for anyone who’s feeling ready to release everything from this past year—ready to start fresh and clear tomorrow for 2018:

Dear 2017,
I call on you with a full heart
I call on you with Love for the Life we lived together
I thank you for all you have given me
How you supported me, protected me, played with me, and loved me
I forgive you for how you have hurt me
How you held me back, kept me small, broke my heart, and made me afraid
I return to you everything I’m mean to leave behind
I take back everything I’m meant to carry forward
May I be free from all the ties that bind us
May I be free from all attachments to what I wanted from you
May I be free from all hopes for what you could have been
May I be free from all regrets for what happened, and what didn’t
May all cords between us be cut, transmuted, and dissolved
At this time, and every moment forward
As above, so below, so within, aho

I recommend, as a simple meditative practice, to light a candle and gaze into the flame focusing on everything that happened this year, everything you want to let go on, and then everything you wish to step into in 2018. Recite this prayer, meditate, and then offer your gratitude to 2017 before snuffing out the flame.

Sending so much Love to all in the New Year
💜 Danielle