Life is Humbling


i’m human and doing
my best to own
up to the times
when i struggled
to do this Life
thing gracefully
when i struggled
to embody Love fully
sometimes when we’re
fumbling through the
d a r k n e s s
we knock into each other
sometimes we hurt
each other too
sometimes good intentions
aren’t enough
but we can emerge
into the
recommitted to learning
our lessons
integrating the wisdom
and returning
to repair and heal
i’m grateful for all
the humans making
their way through the
woods with me
i’m grateful for healing
i’m grateful for grace
as the old prayer goes
i’m sorry
please forgive me
thank you
i love you

Light to All 🖤 D


True Freedom

We come into this world a shining Light.

Unscuffed and unscathed by the realities of Earthly existence. And while our core, our wholeness, and that freshness of new Life is always available to us, the Truth is that living just… changes us. The radiant naiveté of our youth wears away with every disappointment, loss, and season of strife. Strains with every growth spurt. With our crows feet and snags and stains we might reminisce on a time when we were sparkling and new—as if this past offering of ourselves was more worthy of reception. But this is just not so.

With every heartbreak we earn a little more wisdom. We earn our vintage. And in this breaking down, we surrender to Life’s alchemy, transforming our hopes and expectations into total acceptance and presence. Freedom doesn’t lay in our perfection or potential, but in our willingness to step into the Light of the the world and declare “I AM HERE. Love me as I am, and I will each of you.”

I honor the ways I have been broken open by Life, because I honor my human experience and the richness it provides. I see your cracks and your scars and they’re beautiful to me. Truly. Thank you for being, and for being you. Right now. And for every scrape and step that got you here.

Sending Light to all beings 🌻 Danielle


A Dove in the Dark

This is a poem that has carried me through a lot of uncertain and scary places.

I come home to it again and again. It’s about loving with our whole hearts, as much as we possibly can love, even when we have no promises of what’s to come. And then it’s about letting go when our souls know it’s time to let go.

Life is my greatest teacher and she always will be. Life is God to me. And part of loving her wholly is trusting in her mystery. The parts of her that I cannot see, and that I may never consciously know while I’m here. And then choosing to give all of myself over to her anyway. The Dove in the Dark is the moment when you’re standing in the moonlight, looking out into the abyss with your precious faith clutched to your chest. It’s feeling that preciousness and wanting to keep it close, but choosing to extend your hards outward and releasing your grasp. Releasing faith to take wing out into the Great Unknown. Into the night. Trusting that what is meant for us will always return, and what is not will be received by Life to be cared for and safe, even beyond our sights.

So I find myself here again. Shadows in my heart. Empty hands. Feet on the Earth to remind me I’m still here and the Great Eastern Sun will rise again.

Sending Light for the Night to all beings ♥ Danielle


Being Broken (Poem)

everything is wrong today
everything is broken
but my relief arrived
in the newfound knowing
that my hands will never
catch the pieces
in this moment
i cannot change it
right now
there is no fix
there is only the choice
to be with it
or exit
and my presence
would surely be missed

Sending Light to all beings 🌻 Danielle

Where I’m Going (Poem)

i am

where i am going

and let me tell you

it’s a beautiful road

tree-lined and


and not without it’s

rough patches but

i decide it adds character

while stepping

over and around

dragging my knees

in the mud somehow

adds to its beauty

and to mine

for nothing can replace

the way my heart races

when a crackled bend

peels back to reveal

a light-kissed cliff

or a meadow green

beyond belief

in these moments

i thank grace

for the aches

i praise the sky

for my storms and

i pray

i pray

i pray

that every day

i keep going

that every day

i remember

i am here


Wild One

Lately I’ve been feeling a massive wave of rejecting domesticity. When did we accept the notion that we’re supposed to be tame? Polite? Palatable? When did we reject the biological Truth that a powerful part of ourselves is in fact a beautiful, primal creature? These bodies have a wildness and their own kind of intelligence that we have dismissed for far too long.⠀

Our wildness speaks to us through desire. We feel the magnetic pull on our heart, and burst of Lightning through our spine, and the ripples of waves in our tender bellies. We feel the bristle on the back of our neck when something isn’t quite right. We also feel radically free and relieved when we let our bare feet sink into the Earth, or when we howl and moan and scream into the wind. It is natural to sweat and drool and cry. It is NATURAL to enjoy the ravenous tangled limbs of sex. This is our wildness. Fuck domesticity, I’m taking mine back.

May we all reclaim our right to BE—free and wild—as we navigate this Life.
Your humanness is beautiful to me.


my soul is a wild one
she dances on the whisps
of the wind
and through the strands
of unwraveling time
like this
i am at my best
free to be the creature
i was born of and to
at one with the Mystery
to which i will
inevitably return

Sending Light 🌻 Danielle


I Am Me


i am me
and i don’t have to know what that means
i don’t have a neatly-typed page
of all the ways the world
or you
can expect me to deliver and arrive
i don’t have the promise of demeanor
or a smile
or exhaspersted sigh
or whatever other sign could
derive an idea of which peg’s mine
for the filling
i flow
i move
i owe nothing
i am me
as much as
i am the Earth
for my shifts move mountains and
my feet forge river beds and fox crossings
my body breaks and builds and burns
i am the Earth
as much as
i am the Sky
for my dreams cast star shadows and
my eyes illuminate the Truth beyond the mind
my spirit dances and bursts and flies
i am the Sky
don’t tell me
i am not everything
when you cannot see
such splendor in yourself
in every being
i am this heart
i am this breath
and this one…
and this…
i am me
nothing to question
nothing to hold
nothing more
and today
that is all
that is enough

Sending Light to all beings,


No Strings

In the Night


i am the moon
and you the deep blue
united by your current,
my pale vision burns soft and slow
beneath a blanket of stars
a luminous body anchored in the night,
stroking your surface with feminine magnetism
the ebb
the flow
we are connected
we move each other
you are wild and deep
and together we burst
with remarkable power
that belongs only to the heavens
and to us
be still now, Blue
cradle me in your encompassing arms
until morning comes and I slip away
lost into the Light

Cutting Down

What’s it going to take for us to believe in our own potential and resiliency? I think about the impossible feat of a tiny acorn becoming the majestic oak. Looking at that dinky seed in our palm, our mind would never believe it. Greatness? In this? Madness! But, yet, it is true. Somehow, that little seed undergoes miracle after miracle, rising a little more each day. Wilting perhaps, or even getting trampled upon. But this is the glory of nature, and the great wonder of the Universe. The inconceivable occurs every day. We, dear ones, are like this too.
And what keeps us going? Faith.
What keep us buried? Doubt, darkness, and staying in our little shells.
I’m a recovering self-bully. The shit that’s come out of my own psyche in my own direction is downright cruel in many instances, and I share this not for sympathy because I know this self-sabotage is RAMPANT among damn near everyone I know. Even among the brightest Lights and the most gifted Artists and Leaders. Role models even!
Enough! When did it become so normalized to treat ourselves so badly? When did we forget that inside of ourselves was the seed of an incredible Tree of Life, waiting to root down into Mother Earth and stretch our limbs to the Heavens? This is our Truth, and we must not forget it.
I, for one, am so over not believing in myself. Because whether or not I acknowledge it, I will always have the capacity to grow that much. To GIVE that much (I mean, just think for a moment how much LIFE is sustained by a single tree.) We must not dishonor our own beautiful potential with harshness and criticism. Our work is to get quiet—watch and listen for what we ourselves need in nurturance to grow into our fullness and rootedness. And then do it.
As a sapling in this Circle of Life, I see and honor each of you in your growth, your process, and your potential. I believe in you, and I pray you can believe in you too.
Sending Light to all beings, Danielle