Unpacking Christmas

Gah. What an unexpected, interesting, emotional, and (ultimately) beautiful Christmas this has been. As the sparks of this season drift to the Earth like Sister Snow, Peace rests in my heart. I feel grateful. I feel a little tired. I come back to Love.

This is the first Christmas I’ve spent in my own home. There’s been a bittersweetness to the experience. I expected tragedy and heartbreak, and there was a certainly a layer of grief as I acknowledged the childhood traditions and ancestral company I wasn’t present for this year. But yet…through it rose a tenderhearted appreciation for the authentic and deeply supportive Life I’m creating in my own right. Such loving people to share this chapter with, who have wholeheartedly welcomed me into the Circle that has become my Circle too.

I was not alone today. I never really was. But perhaps I needed to pass through the gates of my loneliness to earn the embodied experience of feeling just HOW much Love is present for me. And in the end, it turned into one of the most genuine, relaxed, joyful holidays of my Life. Because I was present and not expecting anything of it!

I ate Chinese food on my living room floor, read fairy oracle cards, danced, giggled, and made a bunch of spontaneous art with one of my very best friends. I did not have a Christmas tree. I unwrapped no gifts. I never changed out of my reindeer pajamas. It was perfect.

As I turn in for the night, with another Holiday Season passing away, my Christmas Wish is that all beings may know this freedom—to be and feel and experience Life every day exactly the way they are. On Christmas or a random Tuesday in May. No striving. No regrets or disappointment. I extend my gratitude to the sweet humans who have shared their Love with me today through thoughtful texts, Skype calls, welcoming me into their home, and choosing to dwell in mine. Thank you. The Christmas Spirit is alive and well in my heart.

In Soul, Danielle

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